Restaurant Ratings System

My restaurant ratings are my own, and by this I mean they are purely my opinions, as a fairly savvy diner with strong ideas of what I like and what I don’t.  Some restaurants are places I’ve been to more than once (in which case I’ll say so in the review) but most of my write-ups are based upon a single experience.  I find “star” rating systems confusing, since they seem to mean different things to different reviewers, which is why I decided upon these categories instead.  As with any subjective viewpoint, others may disagree with my assessments, and I welcome comments, feedback, and other perspectives.

The Ratings:

Must try:  Means exactly what it says. My first and most important criterion when eating out is the food, but a “must try” restaurant is a restaurant that I fell in love with – either the food was simply superb, or there was some lovely confluence of food and atmosphere and service that created a uniquely delightful and memorable experience.

I’d eat here again:  What every restaurant strives for, and the ultimate test of a restaurant: would you return? If the answer is yes (and not just because it’s the place that happens to be down the street) then the restaurant is a success. High praise.

Worth a go:  Not great, but not bad either. Worth a go if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

Meh:  Pretty poor. Maybe there was some saving grace but not a restaurant I  recommend.

Avoid:  Needs no explanation. I hated this restaurant!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Ratings System

  1. Hi Susan –

    What a great blog – so pleased I found it!
    I love your ratings system – really clear…

    Fantastic pictures on your recipes, too –
    looking forward to trying some of them out –

    Thanks from a fellow Londoner


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