2011 – The Roundup

It’s odd to think that I only started writing this blog in August. I began blogging to stop moping and feeling sorry for myself when I didn’t make the final cut to be a contestant on Masterchef UK. (I’ll tell that whole sorry story eventually.) I also did it to prove to myself that I can be serious about food, about food writing, and to BE serious, if that makes sense.

Susan Eats London now occupies a substantial chunk of my thoughts most of the time. I cook with an eye towards blogging my recipes. My beautiful Nikon SLR camera (best purchase of 2011, hands down) can usually be found in or near my kitchen. I take my camera to restaurants (which is excruciating for my friends, I know) and photograph what I cook as a matter of course. (One friend burst out, after watching me take photographs of caramel for ten minutes, “Susan, do you have to take pictures of everything you cook? It’s SO tedious.”) I check my stats obsessively (shameful admission). I get stressed out when I don’t post regularly.

I am so grateful and honored that people follow my blog. I am incredibly thankful to Tamara and Sophie, who told me my food was worthy and encouraged me to start blogging, to Cecillia, who reads every post and tells me what she thinks, to Ari, an old friend from high school who found my blog through Facebook and actually cooks my recipes, and to my sister, who has spent hours on the phone from Portland, Oregon, reassuring me when I get neurotic and giving me constructive feedback. I ask her the same questions repeatedly. “Is it interesting? Is it funny? Do you want to read it? Do you want to eat it?” I do worry that I’m neither fish nor fowl. It’s not strictly a cooking blog, and it’s not strictly a restaurant blog. But it’s MY blog, so I decide, right? (Actually, you do – by reading it.)

Anyway, without further ado, here are my three favourite restaurant reviews (in fact two are bar reviews. Should I be worried?) and cooking posts of 2011:


3.  Seattle Cocktail Crawl Part 1 and Part 2

2.  Eating in Paris – Au Passage

1.  Feeling Sexy at Viajante Bar


3.  Aubergine, Slow-Roasted Tomato, and Chickpea Tagine

2.  Apricot-Almond Meringue Cookie Bars

1(The sleeper hit – I get more hits on this than any post!) Tunnel-Boning Quail

Happy New Year everyone! And thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “2011 – The Roundup

  1. I love your blog and read every post — no need to worry, your blog, you, and your food are, as always, fabulous! And I agree with your best of list, with one exception. My personal favorite is the scathing review of the snooty restaurant with the lousy hostess. Happy New Year and I can’t wait to read more in 2012.

    • Thank you thank you for the encouragement! I love your blog too. The Masterchef story is why I haven’t done my blogger unplugged post yet — it’s so hard to write!

    • *Blushes* Thank you Daisy! The story WILL BE WRITTEN. I feel like I have to blog the recipes I created at the same time too. And a very happy New Year to you too.

  2. I’m really impressed you only began blogging in August. I’d also love to be on Masterchef but I missed my chance. I applied a few years ago and got a missed call asking me to contact them and to take them a dish to try but I wimped out and never did it. If only… Looking forward to seeing what you make this year. Happy New year!

  3. I so enjoy reading your blog! I’m afraid I don’t get out to eat very often, so I love to see what new things you have found. Also, your photography is first-rate! I’ve learned a lot about food photos from you – thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much for the compliment! The photography is a work in progress. In my new flat (I’m moving next week) I think the light will be better (even if the kitchen is smaller). Happy New Year, Jennifer!

  4. Happy New Year Susan! Love reading your posts and look forward to more this year. Thanks for the acknowledgement and Thank you for putting your thoughts out here. xoxo

  5. Hey my stellar blogging friend, during your next Seattle visit, I’d love to take you to Bar del Corso in my ‘hood for the following reasons: (1) you deserve to be celebrated, (2) I haven’t been yet, and (3) I want *your* review of the place because, while I’m delighted to have a restaurant that critics are raving about within walking distance, I truly can’t figure out why folks are making such a fuss over wood-fired pizza.

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