Eating in Paris – Le Bistro des Gastronomes

Les parents love les bistros. So, on our last night in Paris, we decided to try the ambitiously named Bistro des Gastronomes. Bistro des Gastronomes opened quietly in the 5th arrondissement in January of this year. It’s a funny place. Consider: (a) a hot young chef (he most recently worked for Christian Constant *swoon* and at Chez Michel) (b) reasonable prices (at €35 for three courses it’s a bit splurgy for me, but not if les parents are buying); (c) a good, fairly central location; and (d) very good food. A recipe for success, non? Continue reading

Eating in Paris – Le Hangar

I have to confess a sentimental attachment to this little restaurant. I came here for the first time two years ago with my beloved friends, Jason and Andrew, with whom I was renting a flat in the Marais for five delirious days of eating, drinking, and shopping. I remember very few specifics about that meal other than the time of day (late afternoon), the champagne cocktails (lovely) and the seared foie gras on olive oil mashed potatoes. Continue reading